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Training for Greatness

Here at Rally Point, our coaches and programs are dedicated to helping you stay moving, improve your gameplay, and keep you physically fit. We are based in the greater Grand Rapids area, however, we seek to help form programs and coaching anywhere we can in the lower peninsula. We are dedicated to getting you the best possible results and helping you become the fit and active (or social) player/athlete you want to become. Our entire team is passionate for your success and are ready to help our players improve and grow their passion and skill in their sport.

Helping You Win The Point One Rally At A Time- Rally Point


Founder & Head Tennis Coach

Caleb Kaufman has played tennis for over 17 years, has over 8 years of coaching experience, and has taught more than 370 new & experienced players.

If you recognize him, you have probably seen him coaching in the local area for years. Kaufman has a reputation for using unique techniques, backed by science, fitness, psychology, and generic tennis know-how.

Kaufman started his coaching career back in 2014 after coaching at the middle school level. Kaufman has moved on to coach players of various ages and skill levels at country clubs, Ymca's, schools, groups, one-on-ones, and abroad. After 2016, Kaufman began expanding his coaching to Ada, Lowell, and Grand Rapids eventually impacting well over 370 players and even more through sharing of his techniques.

Moving into 2022 he is looking to make an even larger impact by starting sporting events for all ages in the local community to enjoy such as Tournaments, Leagues, Camps, Lessons, Cardio, Strategy, Mental Toughness, and more.

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