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League Info


One of our newest offerings, Pickleball Leagues are being improved all of the time. If you have recommendations feel free to contact us. For those who join the league, we are all representing Lowell and Rally Point Tennis. Be sure to hold an outstanding respect and reputation during these events. 


Start Date(s): September 12th


  • The regular season is 4 weeks. A Round Robin Tournament is held during the 5th week​

  • League play is Mixed or Matched Doubles.

  • Teams play two matches per week and a total of 10 matches. Each match consists of 3 sets to 11 points played within a time limit of 55 minutes of play.

  • Competing teams decide their match time(s) for the week. There is a 10-minute grace period for late arrivals, however the clock starts at the official match time.

  • All league play is self-officiated. There will not be an official or court supervisor on site at every event. It is essential that league rules be followed during game play.

  • USA Pickleball Association rulebook governs all pickleball play unless otherwise stated.



If a discrepancy occurs, please take the following steps:

1. Check the rule book.

2. Ask other players who are playing on a court next to you to help clarify rules.

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