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Varies on Type of Match

Looking to play competitively with people around your skill level? Or maybe you're looking for a challenge or simply looking for a great social activity? This is for you! 🙌🏻

Competitive Tennis Tournaments are a great way to bolster your UTR rating, socialize, and have a great time! 

Join us on Saturdays for a day filled with competitive singles and doubles gameplay. Tournaments will be played by as a 2/3 set match with a 10pt tie breaker unless otherwise mentioned in the event. Other variants may be FAST4-game matches to all-day elimination or round-robin tournaments. Fun for those of any age or skill level!

These tournaments are perfect to put what you've learned into practice! Time to win the point, one rally at a time!

To Register and to see dates for these competitive skill-based matches, please visit our club page by clicking the button below. 👇 

New Dates and times can be requested, make a request at our Facebook Group.

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